101 in 2019

I love these lists…it really helps keep my ADHD in check, and get shit done. Here’s the 2019 list.



  1. Volunteer at & donate to Telemiracle (March)
  2. Volunteer at Food Bank Garden Plot (Summer)
  3. Gifts for Teachers (August)
  4. FLC in Moose Jaw (October)
  5. Pack Operation Xmas Child box (November)
  6. Help-Portrait Saskatoon (December)

Home & Garden Life

  1. Make kitchen corner station organized
  2. Purge/sell/donate excess stuff (towels/bedding, kitchen, recipes, clothes, books, decorations, art, etc)
  3. Get a composter; compost organics
  4. Plant a herb garden in pots in windowsill
  5. Make a fairy garden between the rock garden
  6. Replace back North fence
  7. Make garden boxes along North fence
  8. Reshingle shed roof
  9. Change electrical plug on back of garage
  10. Change outdoor lights to LEDs
  11. Repaint mailbox
  12. Paint bathrooms
  13. Paint bedrooms & computer room
  14. Extend front garden bed
  15. Replace kitchen faucet
  16. Plant sunflowers and black eyed Susans along the back fence
  17. Plastic on windows


  1. Sew a cupcake apron
  2. Make fairy garden creatures
  3. Paint along to a Bob Ross painting
  4. Paint fun signs for bathroom
  5. Paint a succulent painting
  6. Make Leela pawpaint a picture
  7. Make computer ram Christmas ornaments & earrings
  8. Learn to use my sewing machine better
  9. Learn to sew a button
  10. Make a fairy door out of a horseshoe
  11. Make a fairy garden house from a jar
  12. Upcycle a skateboard
  13. Upcycle a bike rim
  14. Make Mercy cosplay crown
  15. Make a Hide-a-key


  1. Make cabbage rolls
  2. Make 5 different bread items
  3. Make 3 soups
  4. Make homemade pizza
  5. Try 10 new restaurants
  6. Start working on my cookbook
  7. No booze for a month
  8. Take a cooking class
  9. Open a cookbook to a random page and make whatever it says
  10. Go to the farmers market and buy stuff for a complete meal; make it that night
  11. Lunch with Lenore (Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec)

Fitness & Health

  1. Go to Laser tag
  2. Go to the dog park once per month (Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec)
  3. Bike to work more
  4. Go rock climbing
  5. Get a pedicure
  6. Go to the gym at least 5 times/month
  7. Walk at a Pokemon Community day
  8. Take First Aid
    Take Pet First Aid


  1. Take at least 5 photos/month (Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec)
  2. Take food photos with friends
  3. Go for a night photowalk
  4. Photograph letters of the alphabet
  5. Photowalk at the forestry farm
  6. Take lightning photos

Experiences, Travel, Events

  1. Go to Ireland
  2. Go to the Giant’s Causeway
  3. Go to Scotland
  4. Visit a castle
  5. Go to a cave
  6. Go to Beaver Creek to feed/photograph birds
  7. Go star/meteor gazing with Anthony
  8. Have a picnic
  9. Go to a Rush game
  10. Go to a concert
  11. Go to Waskesiu
  12. Go to the beach
  13. Go to an archery range
  14. Visit Patterson Garden (Saskatoon)
  15. Go to an escape room with friends/family
  16. Go to VR arcade
  17. Go axe throwing
  18. Go to Comicon/Expo
  19. Go to a Jazz Festival show
  20. Go to the Fireworks Festival (September)
  21. Make a snowman/creature
  22. Find a four leaf clover
  23. Wolfenoot Party


  1. Get a library card
  2. Read 3 books
  3. Go ice fishing
  4. Go fishing (summer)
  5. Get cruise control for Versa
  6. Get to level 100 on Overwatch
  7. Learn how to change a flat tire
  8. Cancel Google Play account to save $10/month
  9. Sign 3 wholesalers with Naked Kitty Naturals

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