Good thing we gave $4M to hockey teams this winter.

The Lighthouse shelter in North Battleford is scheduled to close due to a lack of funding. Nothing says "Strong Saskatchewan" like letting our most vulnerable fend for themselves!

Does anyone in the @SaskParty have any compassion?

Thank you to everyone who purchased tickets!

The draw will be made shortly, the winner will be notified and then announced during the Countdown to TeleMiracle, which can be watched on starting at 6:15 pm on Feb. 27, 2021.

Good luck!
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The pot is at $600,080 (and climbing!!) Grab your @Telemiracle 50/50 ticket BEFORE 4pm today!!

Watch #Telemiracle this weekend on social media and @CTV

Where are we going?? HIGHER!! #SkCharity #sask #yxe #yqr
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Okay Saskatchewan (and those currently physically located in Saskatchewan) . . . @Telemiracle 50/50 jackpot is closing in on $600,000 (winner gets half).

No time to lose, deadline for tickets is 4:00pm, TODAY!

Get my prize, and TM's share up higher!