The flagger in this video is someone's everything. In a work zone, they're the first line of defense and the most vulnerable. Respect the work zone and the people in them. Make sure folks get home safe. More info: #slowdown #seethesigns @SGItweets sneakyfox photo

First stop: July 6 – Lloydminster (Sponsored by Synergy Credit Union & Lloyminster Co-op)
Fifth stop: July 13 – Prince Albert (Sponsored by Affinity Credit Union)
Thirteenth stop: July 28 – Yorkton – (Sponsored by Access Communications)
Locations & dates:
sneakyfox photo

Amazing job to my buddy Scott and his band! @scottbensonband
(PS their music is amazing! It's beautiful and epic! Give it a listen!)

🔊 Not much to see here (thrashers are sneaky), but just LISTEN! You can hear a few songs, including a very convincing Northern Cardinal, which is hilarious because we don't have them here in Saskatchewan sneakyfox photo

I swear I just saw the biggest wasp I've ever seen, but it had a fuzzy butt! Wasn't a bee. Was a wasp face, but a fuzzy abdomen. Maybe hornet? No, I didn't have time to take a photo. I was busy frantically running and screaming. 😭🤬 sneakyfox photo

Anyone know of someone who does caricature style pet portraits that are "D!$n3y" styled? sneakyfox photo