Sweary Christmas masks?? You got it.
Dm to claim! I have a limited amount of each one. https://t.co/f0ExWqU4yJ
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Two things that annoy me:
1. Statements that COVID only impacts people with underlying conditions. #shortsighted
2. Comparisons of COVID to Influenza by people who but don't know what Influenza is or bother to receive a #flushot to protect themselves or the vulnerable from it.

There have been zero COVID cases linked to Sears Canada’s operations.

Who TF is setting off a crapton of fireworks at this time of night, in November??... **sigh** #yxe #westside

Kinda funny how a year ago, if you were in a bank and wore a mask, everyone lost their shit. Now if you go into a bank and aren't wearing a mask, everyone loses their shit. #CovidTimes #MaskUp