I wrote a tweet full of numbers and statistics then erased it and decided to share this statistic instead. There has been ZERO cases of death or severe disease reported in Canada in those who are fully vaccinated, ZERO. AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Moderna, J&J save lives.Get your jab ON

Risk of blood clots PER MILLION PEOPLE for perspective:
1-AstraZeneca vaccine is 3 which is 0.0003%
2-In those who take birth control pills is 500 to 1000 which is 0.05% to 0.10%
3-In smokers is 1800 which is 0.18%
4-In those who get sick with COVID-19 is 160,000 which is 16%

Honourable Premier @PremierScottMoe ,
Honourable Minister of Health @MerrimanPaul,
Honourable Chief public health officer
I am trying to be positive reading some of the leaked changes that will be announced shortly but I am extremely disappointed in 4 flaws in our plan (1/6)

My pregnant friends are booking their #COVID19 💉 and I might have shed a few tears of joy ❤️... You’re with child and in SK? Call 1-833-SASKVAX to book yours ❤️

#BREAKING @SKGov is changing public health measures. The province-wide change limits household bubbles to people who live in the home. The changes start immediately. Places of worship will also be limited to 30 peole starting Friday #skpoli #COVID19SK #yxe #yqr