Happy Harvest! 😍🥕

Going to make some beetniks with them leaves, and grill some carrots, beets & taters on my BBQ! Yum! (I already picked a bunch of beans and potatoes the other day; these were just the straggler beans) #urbangarden #yxe #gardeninginsask https://t.co/FMNJAK3brW
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Addendum: we haven't even thought about how this will affect other industries by having parents have to isolate because their kids are exposed, the healthcare impact of increased need for tests and treatment, etc.

This plan is about saying screw you to the people of SK.

This "plan" will undo all the work we have done trying to keep it under control and we are supposed to be OK with a wait and see attitude? The Sask Government has failed us and have decided to put us all at risk in the name of "progress". Shame on you @PremierScottMoe


While I was in my room isolated for 24 days I was grateful I:

- was able to isolate from my partner to protect him
- had a job supporting my recovery
- could count everyone I interacted with
- one of the first and if it got bad was pretty much guaranteed a hospital bed