I love @owlcity. Fun quirky vocals, and Fireflies is the song that made me find and love his stuff. But I also love metal/screamo/etc. Kudos to "Make Way for Man" on their cover!

Pro-Tip: When replying to a business account on FB/social media, let them have the last word, don't keep trying to reply. It's better for their response time ratings. 😊 #SocialMedia https://t.co/2Q8B2PskFJ sneakyfox photo

Thanks to everyone for the messages and kind words and photos and memories of Warren. His family is hearing it all and feeling the support.

Here’s the thing: Woodsy died after contracting COVID-19.

This pandemic is real.

No, Mr. Moe, Regina City Council passed a motion restricting *fossil fuel* company advertising, the same way as tobacco and other ’sin products’. Not “energy companies”. They’d probably love to have ads from green power companies.

You have to read all the words. https://t.co/Qxk73laWyr
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Fuck covid.

That's it.
That's the tweet.