Hey @canadapostcorp @canadaposthelps can you NOT just leave a big box on the sidewalk at my house?? I live on the west side of #yxe. I'm actually lucky that it wasn't stolen before someone found it & informed me it was there!! Next time, I'd rather pickup at a service center! 😡

Catching some September rainbows today! 🌈 https://t.co/dPpmdErLb0 sneakyfox photo

Hey @TELUSsupport! I just got this on my NEW phone that I got this weekend. What the heck?!? @Telus https://t.co/nwEGSqiONx sneakyfox photo

Hey @virginmobilecan @Android what's with the newest updates? Suddenly my camera isn't working!! I've tried clearing cache. Restart. Shutting off for a while. Wtf? I need it for work!