Hey @cityofsaskatoon! There's a bunch of tire killing potholes on 30th between Ave R & W. It's also a bus route. Please fill them?

Hey tweeps, has anyone here taken then Canadian RPAS test for drone owners?? I am having a hell of a time trying to find exactly what I need to study and the whole thing is giving me anxiety issues. Studying & tests are not my thing. #phantom4 #dronephotography https://t.co/E0niRg2xXd sneakyfox photo

Anyone else love seeing water droplets on leaves? This one was too perfect not to snap a picture of! 😍 #googlepixel2 https://t.co/Yrm2ouFBk1 sneakyfox photo

Me: Did you just fart?
Him: No. Did you want me to?
Me: No!
Him: (Leans over and whispers in my ear all sexy-like) I'm brewing one right now.
#shitmyboyfriendsays https://t.co/lsyCSt8qsA
sneakyfox photo